Rock Climbing our Cliffs and Peaks

ROCK CLIMING OUR PEAKS AND CLIFFS When it comes to climbing up rocks whether it is clipping bolts, inserting a cam into a crack, or just taking your chances on a boulder problem, the Eastern Sierra is the place that you want to be.  We have single pitch, multi-pitch, multi-day…basically, every style for every skillContinue reading “Rock Climbing our Cliffs and Peaks”

Kayaking/Paddleboarding our Lakes and Rivers

KAYAKING/PADDLEBOARDING OUR LAKES AND RIVERS Whether you are standing on top or sitting within, we have a diversity of lakes and rivers to relax on, paddle through and explore.  There is no actual Mammoth lake here but we do have Crowley Lake, Twin Lakes, Lake Mary, Lake Mamie, Lake George, June Lake, Grant Lake, SilverContinue reading “Kayaking/Paddleboarding our Lakes and Rivers”

Hiking/Walking our Mountains and Valleys

HIKING/WALKING OUR MOUNTAINS AND VALLEYS There is no way for me to get into all of the different trails to explore and enjoy but you should know one thing, they all involve at least one hill…usually more.  You may be challenged but what you experience will be so worth it!!! And remember, for every upContinue reading “Hiking/Walking our Mountains and Valleys”

Exploring our Historical Sites

EXPLORING OUR HISTORICAL SITES As are most western towns, Mammoth Lakes is no foreigner to the movements of the gold rush.  In all began with a discovery in 1877 and within 2 years it became “Mammoth City” with hotels, salons, two newspapers and a dog.  The big boom never materialized and by 1887 all butContinue reading “Exploring our Historical Sites”

Exploring our Geological Sites

EXPLORING OUR GEOLOGICAL SITES Even if you are not a rock hound, the Eastern Sierra is one of the most interesting geological areas that I have ever experienced.  Of Course, the fact that we are currently living where once there was a volcano probably explains everything.  There are areas where you can feel and seeContinue reading “Exploring our Geological Sites”