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Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

Come winter, we get A LOT of snow…typically.  Mammoth Mountain comes alive with some of the most fantastic lines.  It doesn’t matter if you are skiing or snowboarding, expert or a newbie, this mountain has a bit for everyone….even those who want to lounge in a chair with a local brew after every 5 runs.  I you are a beginner, you’ll want to spend most of your time at Canyon Lodge.  Lots of beginner to moderate runs which are wide open so no tree smashing potentials.  With steeper trails for the more adventurous ones among you, head straight to the top on the main lodge gondola.  You can either drop directly in front or even explore the runs on the back side of the mountain.  My favorite runs are off of chair 5, some undulating terrain with the perfect pitch. If you are the playful type Mammoth is well known for the quality of their snowboard parks.  We even had Olympic qualifiers here last year. They are accessed from the main lodge.  Lots of fun to be had.


Woollys tube park and snow play

On the way up to main lodge on the right hand side, you are going to pass family after family hooting and hollering as they speed down a glistening track of snow aboard inner tubes.  It’s not only fun to do but it’s fun to watch also.  If the high speed tubing is a little too much for your little ones, they even have a snow play area where they can ride the merry-go-round tubes, do some much gentler sledding or show your young’uns how to create a magical snowman.  Think glow sticks for eyes…


DIY sledding

Wait…you really don’t have to pay to play in the snow! We are completely surrounded by snowy hills.  Here are some areas to take a drive through to check out potentials.  Before we go there, please consider some of these tips before selecting a location to sled.

  1. Make sure there is a safe place to park. Icy curves where other cars could collide into you, blank corners where you won’t get seen until it is too late, areas that are too narrow so your kids getting out of the car are at risk.
  2. Ensure that the potential ‘end’ of the slope is not a road. The descent may be a bit faster than you think. Take extra precaution.
  3. Watch out for potential rocks, logs and sticks. You don’t want to hit something really hard that is just under the surface or a branch or stick to cut into your leg or bat you in the face.

*Going towards Mammoth Mountain on Minaret rd, take a right onto the scenic loop…Lots of places to play here, there is even a dedicated snow play area where there is a extra wide road side.

*Head North on 395 to the top of Deadmans summit (big hill just past transportation station). Right at the top there is a small left turn lane, that will take you right into the parking area.  Just be very aware of oncoming traffic.  Tons of perfect slopes and wide open field to build lots and lots of snowmen.

*Heading out on Old Mammoth Road from main street, you’ll make the left just past the Mammoth Creek Park onto Sherwin Creek Road.  Take that until the big parking lot behind the propane tanks on the right.  You’ll see the fantastic hills to play on.

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