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When it comes to climbing up rocks whether it is clipping bolts, inserting a cam into a crack, or just taking your chances on a boulder problem, the Eastern Sierra is the place that you want to be.  We have single pitch, multi-pitch, multi-day…basically, every style for every skill level.  


Do you love to boulder? The world-class Buttermilks and the Happies or sads are where you should spend some time.  An easy 40 minute drive south of Mammoth will greet you with an abundance of round and oblong rocks to play on. A small but fun bouldering area is across the highway from the June Lake Junction.  Check out the Bachar Boulders for a couple hour adventure.  


How about sport climbing? These areas are probably in the most abundance.  Directly in Mammoth, you have Horseshoe slabs at Horseshoe Lake with single pitch easy climbing, Clark Canyon which has over 100 routes of all difficulty levels. (This one can be a bit to get into but is so worth it), and the Warming wall; a small area of single pitch moderate routes a short hike from the parking lot of Canyon Lodge. Probably the most notorious is Owens River Gorge 30 minutes South of Mammoth.  It is a 30 mile gorge with single and multi pitch routes everywhere.  It is said that this is one of the most well developed sport climbing areas on the West Coast.  


Well, here you have some of the most popular but by no means stop there.  Talk to fellow climbers, stop by the climbing stores in town, even touch base with guiding services such as the International Alpine Guides to get the scoop.  And….this is not even getting to the mast amount of rock routes in Yosemite National Park!  Your heart will be full of the breath taking sights you’ll experience.  So, get out here so you can get out there.

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