Purple mountain lupin with peaks in background


Whether you are standing on top or sitting within, we have a diversity of lakes and rivers to relax on, paddle through and explore.  There is no actual Mammoth lake here but we do have Crowley Lake, Twin Lakes, Lake Mary, Lake Mamie, Lake George, June Lake, Grant Lake, Silver Lake, Gull Lake and Mono Lake.  You can explore the tufa on Mono Lake, the Crowley Columns on Crowley Lake, the beach at June Lake, the stunning views of Carson Peak from Silver Lake, the majestic forests surrounding Lake George or the Black Bears perusing the shores of Lake Mary looking for fish on stringers. 

TIP:  On a big snow year, the far end of Silver Lake in June Lake becomes a maze of estuary pathways meandering through tall grasses, pine trees and aspens. Get up here and get out there.  

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