Purple mountain lupin with peaks in background


As are most western towns, Mammoth Lakes is no foreigner to the movements of the gold rush.  In all began with a discovery in 1877 and within 2 years it became “Mammoth City” with hotels, salons, two newspapers and a dog.  The big boom never materialized and by 1887 all but a few had sought their fortunes elsewhere. What amazing laid behind are the remnants of those years.  


You can explore the mining equipment and cabins at the Mammoth Consolidated Gold Mine, Get a full historical understanding through stories and photos at the Hayden Museum, spend the day at one of the most well preserved ghost towns in the West, Bodie State Historic Park and even occasionally find remnants of an old car or soup can out in the middle of the woods. 


Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding area has a plethora of fascinating historical facts.  Let yourself be taken back to a lost time and really experience what it would have been like to explore these unknown lands filled with danger and excitement.

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