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There is no way for me to get into all of the different trails to explore and enjoy but you should know one thing, they all involve at least one hill…usually more.  You may be challenged but what you experience will be so worth it!!! And remember, for every up hill, the return is a nice downhill.  You can enjoy a day hike on the 1 mile to McLeod Lake or 3 miles to Crystal Lake.  Enjoy a sunset hike around Convict Lake or spend the day hiking the 13 miles to Shadow and Ediza Lakes.  The options are endless! A good resource for deciding where to explore is  They give a good thorough description so that you can be prepared for what you are getting into. 


On big snow years such as the 22/23 season, please take caution when attempting to cross over flooded creeks and rivers.  The waters are swift and will knock you off of your feet. One special treat for our guests is that we have a wonderful trail system right out of our hotel’s door.  Shady rest park is accessed off of Forest Trail Rd (Ask the FD for directions) and between single track trail and forest service road you can spend hours meandering in the woods.  PS. In the winter these trails are groomed for cross country skiing!  If you are a little iffy of dirt, Mammoth Lakes has actually developed a beautiful paved path that will take you into the basin below the Sherwin mountains through housing developments and golf courses and back.  Ask for a town map to see where you can pick it up and take it.  A little something for everyone.

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