Snow, Spring, Summer

The morning was greeted with a fresh blanket of bright white snow covering the driveway and the mountains. This always requires a bit of planning since to come into work the driveway would need to be cleared. I consider this a small price to pay for the beauty of the mountains.

This weekend is one of the highlights of our season here in Mammoth Lakes. This is the weekend of President’s Day. The weekend is our turn toward spring. There are still months of skiing and boarding ahead. From this point the weather gets better with longer days, but it is also a turning point toward Spring and then the arrival of Summer.

It is good to see the mountains full of snow on this President’s weekend. The snow being great for skiing and boarding is also critical for the upcoming seasons. The water stored in the mountains will begin to melt in April. It will feed all the plants and trees. It cascades down the mountains in streams creating spectacular waterfalls filling mountain lakes.

The mountains will begin to first see the anglers coming in mid to late April for trout fishing which always begins with Fishing Opener, an exciting weekend for all those who enjoy chasing trout. In May to June, we begin to see hikers arriving to walk the hundreds of miles of trail which take them to wonderous worlds hidden in the High Sierra. By June, all types of travelers are arriving to experience the area through various activities such as photography, horseback riding, road touring Bodie and the surrounding area. The summer has now taken hold but will be short lived here in the High Sierra as the snow begins again in September.

The snow will be gone by summer but the days we have now with snow make the magic of the seasons to come. Slide down it this weekend and be joyful that the mountains are full of the substance of life, SNOW.

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