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Changes are afoot. Maybe this is your first time looking at us or maybe you are one of our long time customers who have been with us as first a Holiday Inn and then as a Best Western and you are wondering why the change to independent. Our brand relationships have been good for us over the years. They have introduced us to you, our customers and friends, through a lense you were familiar with, but with this came restrictions which did not fit our mountain environment, or what we felt you were really looking for. So what should you expect from us with this change.


One of our desires has been to have the time, resources and energy to focus on bringing you knowledge and local experience to guide you, whether you are a first time visitor to our mountain wonderland, or a seasoned visitor with years of personal knowledge, opportunities to plan and execute great mountain experiences. You may be a skier and want to know local conditions, where to get the best rental deals, or what the best runs are currently before you come up for the weekend. You may be a summer traveler who is only staying a day or two and need to know what are best experiences to have in your limited time. This is exactly what we are working to offer you. I know we are a hotel and hotels sell rooms. Yes, this is true and we work everyday to ensure you will get the best quality rooms and amenities when you arrive, but your overall experience is our bigger focus. We can provide you a room, but without the great experiences you will have while here you will not have a reason to come to Mammoth Lakes. 


On this site you will find opportunities to learn more about Mammoth Lakes and the Eastern Sierra through our Experience Creator program which is free to you. You will also find ways to earn money toward your next stay with us through our Content Creator Program. As time goes on we intend to offer many more resources for you to maximize your stay here.

This is the start of what will be a great journey for this business. We are excited and looking forward to growing this new business focus. More than this we are excited to see you here having life changing mountain experiences in the Mammoth Lakes area.

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